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Freeism (मुफ्तखोरी)

Posted On 28 Aug, 2016 में

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Freeism (मुफ्तखोरी)
I appeared in entrance tests of Patna Law College,Law School of BHU and Faculty of Law,DU from General Category,though being in BC-II (Bihar Govt List) or OBC (Central Govt List) Category for admission in LL.B (Hons).Many of those who are habituated to take benefit of reservation asked me why i didn’t appear from OBC Category.
I am of the opinion that nothing should be taken in free.Reservation is just an example of freeism,what may be said in Hindi is मुफ्तखोरी.
In entrance test of Patna Law College,though being appearing Candidate of Graduation Final Year,i secured overall sixth position because 75 questions were from GK & GS and 25 from commom legal knowledge.It was first position amongst appearing candidates.
I am weak in Mathematics and Reasoning.Almost 30 percent questions of DU and BHU were from Mathematics and Reasoning.Couldn’t qualify DU from General Category.I would have to correctly answer at least 7 more questions to qualify in DU from General Category.From OBC,i would have qualified and admitted in first counselling list.
They are taking exam of law but asking Mathematics and Reasoning in such a large amount and giving opportunity to General Competition Students to qualify who are not of legal temperament.
In BHU,Marks obtained by me is 208.Regular Fee Seat has been offered to General Category candidates having Marks 214 or above.Paid Fee Seat has been offered to General Category Candidates having Marks 204 to 213.So i am presently admitted on Paid Fee Seat and there is waiting list for Regular Fee Seat.An additional charge of Rs 15,000 per annum is taken in Paid Fee Seat.
However,only those who are next in rank are provided Paid Fee Seat.Paid is only in the sense that an additional charge is taken per annum,nothing otherwise.If these paid seats are regularized,means these seats are made regular,then those who are admitted on Paid Fee Seat will be admitted on Regular Fee Seat.Paid Fee Seat is only a tactics of the University to earn by taking additional charge. Either Paid Fee Seat be regularized or revoked.Taking additional charge from those students who are next in rank is unconstitutional because they are next in rank,so it is not supposed to give additional charge.They will be relieved from giving additional charge if these Paid Fee Seats are regularized and made Regular Fee Seat.In Law School,there are total 230 Regular Fee Seats and 35 Paid Fee Seats and both types of seats are distributed according to reservation.
Those who are admitted under reservation quota are not next in rank.For example,OBC Candidates having Marks 182 have been admitted in BHU Law School on Regular Fee Seat.
Candidates of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Category even of less than 150 Marks have been admitted on Regular Fee Seat but General Category Candidates having Marks 204 to 213 have only been admitted on Paid Fee Seat and Marks having 214 or above have been admitted on Regular Fee Seat.
Reservation holders are of less marks,not Paid Seat Holders of General Category are of less marks.Paid Seat Holders of General Category are not hiring seats by Money (Only by merit) but Reservation holders are hiring seats by caste.
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36Jagannath Jaggu, Shanu Sharma and 34 others
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Anant Chaudhary
Anant Chaudhary You made example to other .Personally my view on reservation is different.I am of view that the reservation should be continued but it’s edifice should be economic position not social position as it is now .poor and downtrodden are in every society…See More
Like · Reply · 2 · August 13 at 10:27am

Rahul Kumar replied · 3 Replies
Jagannath Jaggu
Jagannath Jaggu सलाम राहुल जी..
Like · Reply · 2 · August 13 at 10:38am

Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar #AnantBhaijee-I have written only against caste based reservation.In caste based reservation,mainly those who are already empowered are getting undue benefits and you have well expressed about it in your comment.However,i am also not of the opinion to…See More
Like · Reply · 1 · August 13 at 11:28am
Anant Chaudhary
Anant Chaudhary Yes …even reservation on economic status should be for a transition period .
Like · Reply · 1 · August 13 at 11:30am · Edited

Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Sushant Suman
Sushant Suman Salute you for your righteousness !! It happens..keep your heads up, never get down..!! :)
Like · Reply · 1 · August 13 at 11:51am

Sushant Suman replied · 2 Replies
Shivendra Kumar Singh
Shivendra Kumar Singh Congrats
Like · Reply · 1 · August 13 at 12:32pm

Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar great yar
Like · Reply · 1 · August 16 at 9:47pm

Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar
August 7 at 7:31pm ·
Law School,Banaras Hindu University is my new place of learning.I have been admitted in LL.B (Hons) three years programme. I have been shifted in Varanasi from Darbhanga and started to attend class.
Since a long time,i was not updating any status on facebook and also not perusing status of friends.Even some learned friends have not been replied by me in regard to their legal queries and if replied,then partially replied and they might have been disappointed.However, many have been replied. I am very sorry but now i am well settled here and i will obviously reply as far as possible and also update status as well as peruse status of friends.
95Rajnesh Kumar Pandey, Rahul Kumar and 93 others
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Ashwani Kumar
Ashwani Kumar enjoy
Like · Reply · 1 · August 9 at 4:48pm

Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal Co,grats
Like · Reply · 1 · August 9 at 10:04pm

Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Alur Murthy
Alur Murthy All the best
Like · Reply · 1 · August 10 at 10:05am

Rahul Kumar replied · 1 Reply
Prabhat Kumar
Prabhat Kumar Congrats!!!!?!?
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Rahul Kumar replied ·


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