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Posted On 14 Aug, 2015 Others में

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After receiving information that one Son of Chiranjiwi Roy, Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Birauli, Samastipur namely Ravi Ranjan has been expelled from the medical college in connection with his fraudulent admission, i sent an RTI Application to the Union Ministry Of Human Resource Development to know the actual fact whether same is rumour or correct information. It is replied by the Department of School Education & Literacy that my complaint was forwarded to the NVS Commissioner.NVS Commissioner has not initiated any action till now. So, it was only a rumour that Ravi Ranjan was expelled. The Central Vigilance Commission had directed the Chief Vigilance Officer of the Vigilance Section of the Ministry Of Human Resource Development vide its OM No.014/EDN/038/246381 of dated 8/5/2014 (Complaint No.231/2014/Vigilance7) to enquire into the allegation against Chiranjiwi Roy, the Principal Of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,Birauli, Samastipur for getting his two sons admitted fraudulently and submit factual report before the commission in exercise of the power vested under section 17(1) of the CVC Act,2003. Thereafter the Vigilance Section of the ministry forwarded complaint to the Department of School Education & Literacy of the ministry and lastly the complaint has been forwarded to the NVS Commissioner. But under section 8(1)(h) of the CVC Act,2003 , the Vigilance Commission has only the power to exercise superintendence over the vigilance administration of the various Ministries of the Central Government or corporations established by or under any Central Act, Government companies, societies and local authorities owned or controlled by that Government . Department Of School Education & Literacy and NVS are not the vigilance section of the ministry and the Vigilance Commission has no power to exercise superintendence over these two authorities, therefore my complaint should not have been forwarded to the Department Of School Education & Literacy and NVS Commissioner. Moreover, the fraudulent admissions occurred in medical and engineering colleges which are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Higher Education of the ministry. Department of School Education & Literacy and NVS have no jurisdiction to enquire into these fraudulent admissions, then how complaint was forwarded to these authorities? There is no law in India which can prohibit such arbitrary forwarding of complaint which is even forwarded to such authority which has no jurisdiction.
The National Human Rights Commission vide its case No.4563/4/30/2014/OC of dated 21 Jan 2015 directed the NVS Commissioner to take appropriate action within eight weeks and inform the complainant about the action taken in connection with the allegation of money forcibly and illegally collected by Chiranjiwi Roy from the girl students and some boy students of the School in the name of instituting fans and repairing etc.NVS Commissioner has jurisdiction to take action in this matter, but no action taken till now. There is no law in India which can bind the authority for the disposal of complaint within stipulated time and in quasi judicial proceedings.


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