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It’s worthless.Nothing is going to happen.

Posted On 10 Jun, 2013 Others में

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Different People possess different opinion by suggesting to leave fighting the case at the earliest.Some Logics are presented as under:-

1.It’s worthless.Nothing is going to happen.
2.It’s time consuming and mental harassing.
3.It’s not easy.It requires a lot of effort.
4.It will effect my Carrier.
5.What i will get even after winning the case?
6.Such Difficulties Occur in ones life and one should leave the difficulties and go on.

I would like to answer each question one by one.

1.If it is worthless,.Judiciary should be closed.Why Judiciary is established ? People say such because people are passimistic and have settled the view in mind that nothing is going to happen.But if all start help,everything will happen,Those who say such should start help.

2.It’s nothing like time consuming and mental harassing.There is longetivity in the proceedings a case and a lot of mental problems too because of irregular system.It will be more irregular if we will not fight.So consciousness is the way to remove irregularities.Even Judges have been extreme corrupt,liable to death penalty.So it takes time and there is mental harassment.If Judge will give verdict accurately and promptly,it’s nothing like time consuming and mental harassing.If we want change in system,we will have to effort.Unless,there will be enhancement in the brutality in society and it will be resulted in destruction of human civilization.

3.It’s not easy because people have been sensitiveless.It requires a lot of effort because people have been sensitiveless.One is suppressed,disturbed and his/her daily life and personal development is affected but people continue to see as a mute spectator or criticizer.

4.It has made my Carrier Broad.I have got a lot of Experiences and Knowledges.It will certainly help me to be a good citizen and be a good and honest lawyer and help others as per my Potency.

5.I will get freedom after winning the case. I am not a slave or an animal,who will bear all brutalities.Similarly,that boy is not sex object,with whom i am trapped.

6.It’s not Diffulties.It’s Brutalities.A Brutality where my new ideology is suppressed,where i am trapped with a friend who is helpful for my research work,a brutality where society is going to be devastated by seeing now people of same sex with suspicious and prejudiced mind and trapping both.This brutality will increase such thing in society where a male will be trapped with male easily and female will be trapped with female easily.It will create next partition in society as society has been divided on ground of male and female and now it will be divided between male and male and female and female.Human will be just like animal,even worse than animal.It’s Brutality created by the corrupt people of the society.Many people die /starve because of less income/no income and those who have money suppress others.Such mentalities should be changed and i was efforting for that with my ideology and i was trapped as a result.A brutality where a person is seized to not speak against torturing and corruption and if speak ,is trapped openly after speaking.


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