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Love As A God

Posted On 7 Jan, 2012 Others में

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Can we imagine that how our human survival would be progressed? There would be the experiment to love. In fact, experiment to love is the driving force of development. Human steeped his foot forward due to the love with each-other and nature.There would be the time when this love with nature and each-other leaded development because without love with nature ,human mind couldn’t realise anything on that time and without love with each-other, human mind couldn’t create any new thing because lovingly behaviour would be needed for creation. This is the power of love. This love can also play a vital role in this time.
If I was living lovingly with a boy, it was due to this reason.
Love is miracle itself. What is the real meaning of love?
A mother loves her children. A father loves his children. The children of father& mother, love his/her children. Then these children love his/her child. Meaning to say,if we love our children ,we must love the successors of our children. These successors will love their successors. So if we are careful to our children then we must be careful to their child. Because, we love our children. So how we can see the trouble of our children because if the successors of our children will be troubled,our children will be troubled.So if we are careful to our children,we must be careful to their successors.This is the meaning of love.Love means-we don’t want trouble of any one with whom we love.We love to our successors,our successors love to their successors.Why we are creating problem?Are we not loving our children-our successor.When our successors will face many problems,they will claim their precedents and ultimately we will be claimed. Are we wan’t to carry claim imposed by those,with whom we love.It’s difficult.This love is the only way of sustainable development.If we are not going on the path of sustainable development,we are following the love of hypocrisy.Actually,by every aspects we have narrow-minded sense of love.
That’s why principal trapped me and everyone doubted on my friendly relationship.
It’s contradictory that we have to go in future but we discuss about past, we always remember the people of past. We never want to remember the people of future? Why this so? We love to the people of past.We forget to love to the people of future. We must discuss about future.We must remember the people of future.This will be possible only when we will remove the love of hypocrisy and love of narrow-mindedness.
Principal did wrong with me but won’t be fearful from god. No one becomes fearful from god. Because we follow religious decorum but we have settled in the mind that it’s nothing so we do wrong. In this situation either we must be fearful from god or follow this theory of love. If we follow this theory of love then we follow god and religion also because religious activities have the every sense of love and god is the existence of power created by the sense of love to everything. Religion can learn to love everything and god is the assumed form for the utilization of power created by love.
We can implement this theory of love or religious theory of love then no any principal will do so due to the fear to the future or fear to the god.

In one hand,religious activities learn us to love with each other because every religious activities possess sense of love within this.Even pomp and show possess love.Need to realise this.On the other hand,whatever we gain by religious activities are the consequence of love,not of religious activities or god.Deep trust to religious activities or god create power.This deep trust is love.If we perform this deep trust to nature or person,we can get power due to this love.I get power by nature due to this.I got power by loving behavior to Sanjeev.Love is miracle.Love is power.Love is god.


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February 27, 2012

नमस्ते प्रिय! मेरा नाम नैन्सी है, मैं अपनी प्रोफ़ाइल को देखा और अगर आप कर रहे हैं आप के साथ संपर्क में प्राप्त करना चाहते मुझ में भी दिलचस्पी तो कृपया मुझे एक संदेश जितनी जल्दी भेजें। (nancy_0× नमस्ते नैन्सी ***************************** Hello Dear! My name is Nancy, I saw your profile and would like to get in touch with you If you’re interested in me too then please send me a message as quickly as possible. (nancy_0× Greetings Nancy

648rahul के द्वारा
January 7, 2012

After complaining against principal due to the invidual tyranny created by the corrupt activity of principal,principal trapped me and expelled.Principal must be punished and objection against me must be removed.

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