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Posted On: 3 Jan, 2012 Others में

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Through my,you have seen the tyranny created by principal for me.But if i would be wrong,then i would commit suicide just after the next day of unnatural activity.I will not live also when i will not get justice.I am in this process.It is Sanjeev Suman due to whom i am writing a book of new philosophy-”A BRIEF FUTURE OF THE TIME” in this age.I am presenting the first chapter.You will get all chapters one by one. 1.SUSTAINABILISM:THE LIBERALISM OF THE FUTURE
What we have concluded about this time?Time is itself conclusion.The
existence of time as well as time is eternal.Time is eternal for
creating conclusion.Time is the conclusion for creating a way for each
and every circumstances of our society.Now it’s the time to create the
circumstances according to the time-the demand of the time.Now the
demand is to create a time-an eternal time.That’s why time is
eternal.Unless the existence of time is eternal only.

Thinking in this manner is the liberalism of the future
i.e-sustainabilism.This manner is to create option for the
development.If we say,time is eternal then it reflects only the
supremacy of the time.If we say,we have to create eternal time then it
reflects the sense in the pretext of creating ours supremacy according
to the time.
Ours supremacy refers to the our efforts according to the time. That
means working by understanding the all round situations of this
time.If we create an option to understand all things like as
discussing about the eternality of the time then it’s the liberalism
of the future.Simply it’s sustainabilism.

We want salvation after death-fixation of soul to oversoul.Before
death we adopt the policy of isolation-a policy where we can work good
or bad but one soul is not attatched to other by love.One soul wants
false prestige and play the drama of false self-respect.What’s the
priority of our life?Is giving priority to the death?Why we don’t have
such manner of continuity which can go through without
temptation.Which can spiritually go through the expectation of good
works.Every where we have the
manner of temptation.Sustainabalism is the manner of giving priority
to life. One think in this manner that if one soul loves to all other
soul then that one gets salvation.One can think in this manner also
that if one soul loves to all other soul then that one gets
self-respect.This concept ultimately leads to salvation also. But
second one is the manner of sustainabilism because it’s option to
understanding the same thing.Because second one is a manner without

We have observed the bigotry associated with caste,region and
religion.Have we ever observed the bigotry associated with
corruption?In fact,there are more numbers of bigotry associated with
corruption in comparision to any other.We observe only the external
impact of any thing happening within our knowledge.We forget to
observe the internal impact.Meaning to say,we never consider about our
settled- mentality associated with corruption.This settled-mentality
made such sorts of person bigot corrupt who can’t create optimistic
view and has the principle acceptance in the favour of corruption.For
a bigot corrupt,it is not essential to be dominant for earn more and
more but they can not leave opportunity due to their passimistic view
and principle acceptance.That means,not due to
helplessness.Sustainabilism is an understanding to look into every
thing in new manner.If we observe bigot corrupt due to their
helplessness,then it’s not sustainabilism.If we observe due to their
passimistic view and principle acceptance
then it’s reality.Reality is sustainabilism.We have acquired a
negative and new sense of liberty,equality and fraternity.It’s
self-liberty,self-equality and self-fraternity.Due to this,there are
principle acceptance and passimistic view.

We have become so materialistic.In view of this,something of the
common trait can be more powerful than other but we give priority to
less powerful.It’s so because we become false satisfied by observing
the expectation of majorities.For instance,we want to discuss about
the achievement of good marks.We never want to discuss about other
areas of education with that interest.We must think about education on
that way which can be adoptable according to the coming time of the
future.When we discuss about good marks,we forget to think about
usefulness of other aspects of education according to the coming time
of the future.It’s so because we have created a new sense of prestige
i.e self-prestige.We must think with the sense that where majorities
have to go. Thinking in this manner is sustainabilism.

It’s the time to understand the realistic of nature.We descriminate
between black and white.Nature has not only made a man equal but also
provided so many evidences in this favour.Along with time,black is
eternal.The existence of black is eternal.The mind & the heart of
black as well as white develop in the core of black.When we realise
and think something, this appears in the appearance of black.
So after time black has also most priority for white people.So we must
not descriminate.Thinking without any conservative or modern
conservative thinking is the liberalism of the future-sustainabilism.
Thanking You
Rahul Kuma


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April 14, 2012

I have one complaint from jagran junction. I write about a new philosophy which is for revolution.I write about corrupt person.Even I write about personal atrocities.But no place is given in featured reader blog.My blog sites and sanjeevsuman.

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नमस्ते प्रिय! मेरा नाम नैन्सी है, मैं अपनी प्रोफ़ाइल को देखा और अगर आप कर रहे हैं आप के साथ संपर्क में प्राप्त करना चाहते मुझ में भी दिलचस्पी तो कृपया मुझे एक संदेश जितनी जल्दी भेजें। (nancy_0× नमस्ते नैन्सी ***************************** Hello Dear! My name is Nancy, I saw your profile and would like to get in touch with you If you’re interested in me too then please send me a message as quickly as possible. (nancy_0× Greetings Nancy

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January 4, 2012

I am going to present a new book of new philosophy-”A BRIEF FUTURE OF THE TIME” through my site can see many things related to the tyranny created by corrupt activity of principal for me on my another site

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